Saturday, October 20, 2007

Easy Homemade Egg Noodles

2 cups flour
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix flour and salt. Stir in eggs. Add milk until a soft dough-ball forms. Turn dough out onto floured surface*. Roll flat and thin with a rolling pin. Make certain there is plenty of flour beneath the dough. Allow to air dry for about one hour. Cut the dough into strips**. Bring soup stock or salted water^ to a boil. Stir in the noodles a few at a time. Boil for 20 minutes or so.

Once again OC started eating (actually, so did I) before I could take a picture, so I hopped from my seat, grabbed the camera and snapped this:

Cooking tips:

*For easy clean up, I use waxed paper. Wipe your counter with a wet paper towel, leaving it damp (but not sloppy). Smooth the wax paper over the damp spot and it will stick to the counter. Roll your dough out on the waxed paper.

**As you can tell from the photo, I used a chef's knife to cut my dough, but only because I just moved here. Pizza cutters do an excellent job of cutting noodles. My super-sharp chef's knife sliced right through the waxed paper as well!

^Homemade noodles aren't just for soup. They can be used in any dish you would put store bought noodles in.


J. D. said...

Hi Quilly.....I'm taking a few minutes to see what I've missed over the last two weeks or so, and I see that it's...A LOT! Wow! All your new sites are intriguing. I'll be reading, even if I just peek and run:-) Keep up the good work, dear Quilly.

Hubby has made homemade pasta a few times. He learned from watching his Mother. She made paper thin layers for lasagna. It's a hundred times better than the thick boxed lasagna noodles But it is hard work to get it really thin..........Judy

J. D. said...

OMG, Quilly. You are more than a hoot. I read a bit more and I can't stop laughing. Your recipes sound good and even better, while they are food for the tummy, YOU and your humour are food for the heart and soul. When are YOU going to write a book? The homey tales with the recipes is a riot!!!...........Judy

quilly cooks said...

J.D. -- I wish this place had a few more fans. The recipes are just as good as the humor -- no. Better.


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