Thursday, December 20, 2007

Horned Melon

Looks interesting. Let's buy it and take it home.
Manoa Safeway's purchase price, $4.99

Certainly looks interesting.
The scent is very light and faintly sweet.
It cut clean with none of the green "jelly" oozing out.
I shoveled a spoonful out and put it into my mouth.

Looks like somebody spilled green tomato seeds, doesn't it?
The texture agrees.
The taste was light and crisp, though faintly sweet.

Each seed comes in it's own jell sack. Suck the seed out and eat the jell sack, or eat it seed and all (though the seeds are a bit bitter). A lot of work goes into eating this fruit, so unless one falls in love with it instantly -- which we did not -- it is probably only a one time experience.

We never finished ours. In fact, I pitched the left overs off the balcony. The peacocks loved them.


Nea said...

I have seen these for sale but never bought one. Maybe I will try it, my kids are always wanting to try new things. But at that price, they better like it, haha I have a feeling the prices are higher in Hawaii than they are here.

quilly said...

Well, they may not like it, but unless they are picky about texture, they probably won't hate it.


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